Equal Hue

Way forward for Indian women's cricket

India’s female cricketers have come so far, and they can go further in a culture of sporting excellence.

Guide for Girls

Find out where to start, how to play for India and bust some myths about girls in cricket!


Revisit Equal Hue round tables for an indepth understanding of the reforms needed for women’s cricket in India.

Ten reforms Indian women's cricket needs

About the Equal Hue project

The Equal Hue project aims to chart the way forward for women’s cricket in India and make it the sport of choice for girls and women in India.

It is built on the Equal Hue survey and report that analyse the current situation, identify areas of work and offer suggestions on improving excellence in Indian women’s cricket and setting up players for personal empowerment.

The campaign will engage with all stakeholders via roundtables and prepare a charter of reforms.

How can you support #EqualHue?

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