Reforms for women’s cricket: A wishlist

1. Equality

Ensuring women’s and men’s cricket is treated and represented equally, while embracing any differential treatment that may be required for growth and development.

2. Safety

Creation of safe spaces for women to play cricket and to enable the emergence of players from various sections of society, irrespective of their caste, class, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, linguistic background and ability.

3. Leadership 

Women to occupy leadership and key decision-making positions and strive for equal representation women in the governance of cricket.

4. Infrastructure  

Clubs, academies and state associations to provide adequate training and infrastructural facilities at par with that of men’s teams.

5. Competition 

Women’s cricket to be played in all formats of the game, with a focus on providing adequate avenues for competition, including in national, international and corporate tournaments such as a separate IPL for women.

6. Grassroots development 

Adequate investment at the grassroots level for training, mentoring and scouting, with a focus on mixed-teams at the school level.

7. Perception 

Implementing systems to ensure that the language (visual and verbal) used in relation to cricketers breaks away from archaic gender norms, and ensure that women’s cricket has media outreach programmes to increase press coverage of events and ensure organic growth in fan following.

8. Excellence

Women’s cricket to be treated as a space where women and girls can thrive rather than merely survive, with a focus on individual excellence and team values.

9. Financial security

Incentivising women’s cricket by ensuring availability of adequate employment opportunities and support initiatives.

10. Health

Ensuring that cricket is a safe space free of any physical, psychological or sexual harassment for boys and girls, where cricketers have access to safe facilities, training grounds, stadia, physiotherapists, mental health practitioners, dieticians and gynaecologists.

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