Cricket vs studies: How to manage both

Illustration of a girl doing a balancing act between books and studies on one side and cricket on the other.

Don’t look at it as cricket vs studies, but cricket and studies. They should be teammates, not opponents 🤝

An age-old question! You may be one of those people who are more interested in sports or cricket than studies. Or, as you get more serious about cricket, you may start spending more time on your practice and studies may suffer. But it’s important to avoid both these situations and balance cricket and studies.  

Cricket vs studies: Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t let your studies suffer: 

  • Many schools will let you play sport only if you maintain a certain level of marks. 
  • Many parents will let you play sport only if you maintain a certain level of marks! 
  • Education may open doors to more chances to play cricket. States such as Andhra, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Telangana have academies that give importance to both cricket and studies. Some colleges set aside seats for girls who play sports, and give them a chance to represent the college in university tournaments. 
  • Similarly, cricket may open the doors to more education. Your cricket experience may help you while applying for higher education and for some government jobs. 
  • A cricketer’s career is short. With an education, you give yourself the option of having secondary jobs during your playing days and after your retirement. 

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That’s the ‘why’ part of the answer. Here’s the ‘how’. 

Have a daily schedule that sets aside time for both cricket and studies. Sit with your parents and show them this time table, or make this schedule with their help, so all of you at home are working towards the same goal.  

This might mean you don’t have as much time to chill with friends, watch shows or movies like some of your other schoolmates. Be ready to make that sacrifice. 

Revisit this schedule every few months. If it all gets too much, take a step back and make a new plan. 

When it comes to cricket vs studies, did you know: India pace bowler Shikha Pandey is an electrical engineer and air force officer as well! In this video, she explains how time management was crucial to her managing cricket with her studies. 

Some players say it helps them to have a photo or some message related to their goals stuck to their walls. This way, they are able to visualise their goals and be motivated every day to work towards them. 

As you get more serious, your school and teachers’ support is vital. Get your parents to speak to them and explain to them that you may need some flexibility in writing exams etc. This may be a challenge, but you may find that some schools are quite supportive, especially once you start making them proud by winning. 

Many boards offer extra marks to young players who have represented the state or country, so make use of that option too. 

You should make sure you focus equally on both cricket and studies at least till your class 12. After that, if you are already playing at the state level, you can consider doing distance education courses if you don’t have time to do a full-time course.  

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