Girls cricket and bullying: How to handle getting teased

Illustration of a girl standing up to a bully on a cricket field

Girls cricket and bullying: If they bully you, remember, it’s OK to be a little different. It’s who you are, and that’s your strength.

It’s a real pity to get teased or bullied for wanting to play sport 😔 Such teasing can make girls self-conscious and more afraid about making mistakes – and those aren’t helpful feelings. 

But remember, it’s OK to be a little different from everyone else. It’s who you are, and that’s your strength.  

When people make jokes about us, because we are hurt, we may sometimes make jokes about ourselves before others can. Be careful about that habit – don’t put yourself down

If someone who is close to you and who cares about you is making jokes, tell them to stop and that it’s not funny. They will understand. If they continue, walk away from the situation. When you are calm again, you can explain why what they said hurts you.  

If it’s a bully, it’s important not to give them a reaction and show that you are upset – even if you are. Responding with anger, name calling or getting into a fight will only make things worse. 

But you can stand up for yourself and respond in a firm yet calm way. Ask them to stop, and show that what they said doesn’t bother you. Then walk away from the situation.  

If this teasing/bullying is a frequent occurrence and you can’t avoid the situation, it’s helpful to have a friend by your side. If you are afraid for your safety, speak to an adult you can trust. 

Girls cricket and bullying: When teasing becomes harassment

Sometimes it’s not just teasing. If the other person touches you in a way that makes you uncomfortable or makes sexual remarks, it is harassment. And that’s NOT ok

It’s not your fault. It’s not about what you’re wearing or what you said. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty or bad about yourself. 

If this happens in an academy or school or competition, speak to somebody senior and lodge a complaint. You can also call 1098, which is a helpline, for advice. 

For those in college, and for more information on what behaviour is and isn’t OK, here is one group you can reach out to for help. 

You may be afraid that speaking to your parents or another adult may mean they stop letting you go out and play. But think about it; speaking to a trusted person can help a little in making you feel less bad. 

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