How to join girls cricket in Arunachal Pradesh

Step-by-step advice on pathways, clubs, competitions and coaching for getting into girls cricket and women’s cricket in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Arunachal Pradesh women’s cricket team is a relatively new one. Thus, women’s cricket in the region is still in the early stages of development and opportunities are fewer than in other states.  

Here’s how to join the girls cricket team in Arunachal Pradesh. 

You will need to apply as per your age group. Arunachal Pradesh has girls and women’s teams for Under-19, Under-23 and senior categories. There is no Under-16 programme. 

Although these districts don’t have separate women’s teams, it is still important to know which district you will be a part of.

The districts that are part of the Arunachal Cricket Association are: West Siang, Papum Pare, Kamle, Lower Subansiri, East Kameng, Tawang, Kurung Kumey, Itanagar, Kra Daadi, Lower Siang, Upper Subansiri. 

Selection to the state teams is mainly through open trials.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Keep an eye out for announcements from the Arunachal Cricket Association about trials. This is usually available on the Arunachal Cricket Association website
  • Download and fill the player registration form from the website. The form looks something like this
  • You will need to get your form verified by your district cricket association. 
  • Appear for the trials on the day and time mentioned, with your completed form. Separate trials are held for senior and U19/U23 levels. 
  • Selectors will watch players perform on that day, either in open nets or in friendly matches
  • Depending on the number of participants, selectors might directly announce a team (especially for U19 and U23), or they may prepare a shortlist.
  • After a final camp or selection matches, the senior state team is selected. 

Contact: Contact – Arunachal Cricket Association or on Facebook

Other opportunities to develop cricket

Private leagues: In 2019, a five-team T20 league for women was held by the Kipa Mero Women Cricket Club. Apart from Kipa, the teams were Capital Panthers, Physical Education Department of Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Strikers and Women Rising Cricket Team.

School cricket 

There is no formal structure in place yet.  

College cricket 

There is no formal structure in place yet 

If you have information on schools, colleges or academies that support girls cricket in Arunachal Pradesh, contact us and we’ll add it to this page!

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