How to join girls cricket in Chandigarh

Step-by-step advice on pathways, clubs, competitions and coaching for getting into girls cricket and women’s cricket in Chandigarh.

Kashvee Gautam has something in common with the great Anil Kumble. In February 2020, during the Women’s Under-19 One-Day Trophy match against Arunachal Pradesh that season, Kashvee achieved the rare feat of taking all 10 wickets in an innings.  

The youngster from Chandigarh finished with 10/12 from 4.5 overs in that match, including a hat-trick 🤯 

Incredibly, this was only the second season that Chandigarh were playing in the national tournament. It was only in 2019 that the Union Territory Cricket Association (UTCA) Chandigarh was recognised and Chandigarh started playing in men’s and women’s tournaments conducted by BCCI. 

Before UTCA was formed, cricketers from the union territory used to play as a part of Punjab. Two current India players, Taniya Bhatia and Harleen Deol, are originally from Chandigarh, but represent other states.  

Youngsters like Kashvee and Amanjot Kaur are among the next generation, who have made it to challengers or Women’s T20 Challenger level so far. 

What this all means is that although the association itself is new and is just finding its feet, the support in Chandigarh is good for cricket and there is rich talent. 

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Here’s how to join girls cricket in Chandigarh.

Where to start 

As Chandigarh is a small place, there are no districts or zones for women’s cricket. Interested girls simply need to register with the UTCA and appear for open trials according to their age group.

Players can register via the official association website. The website has the player registration form with eligibility details. Registration usually opens in May/June. 

How to get into the Chandigarh women’s team

Chandigarh has women’s teams for Under-19, Under-23 and senior level. 

Selection for the teams is via open trials. 

  • Keep an eye out for announcements of the trial dates. These will usually be available in newspapers and on the UTCA website. 
  • Appear for the trials on the day and time mentioned, with your completed form. Usually, separate trials are held for junior and senior age groups. 
  • Selectors watch players perform on that day, either in open nets or in matches. 
  • They then prepare a list of probables, who are called for a camp. 
  • At the end of the camp, the final state team is selected. 


The main UTCA women’s coaching centre is a government school in Sector 26

The association hopes to open a dedicated coaching centre with a focus on nutrition for girls in the coming years. 

Contact UTCA on or +91-8288049359

School cricket for girls in Chandigarh 

There is a school cricket tournament, but it is not organised by UTCA. Chandigarh schools also take part in the School Games Federation of India cricket tournaments. 

Some schools that have had girls’ teams in the past few years are: 

  • Government Girls Model Senior Secondary School (Sector 18)
  • Government Model Senior Secondary School (Sector 56)
  • IS Dev Samaj School (Sector 21) 
  • Sacred Heart School (Sector 26) 
Illustration of a girl doing a balancing act between books and studies on one side and cricket on the other.
You can balance your studies and cricket!

College cricket for women in Chandigarh 

Chandigarh Education Department and Punjab University occasionally conduct cricket tournaments for women at the college level. Punjab University also take part in inter-varsity tournaments. 

Some colleges that support women’s cricket are: 

  • MCM DAV College for Women (Sector 36) 
  • Khalsa College (Sector 26) 
  • Dev Samaj College (Sector 45) 

Other opportunities to play cricket

  • Senior State Cricket Championship for KBS Dhillon Trophy
  • Pandit Kedarnath Invitational Cricket Tournament

Note: These tournaments are not recognised by UTCA, so, they will have no bearing on selection. However, they are an opportunity for girls to simply have some fun and get some game time. 

Scholarships & financial aid

The Sports Department in Chandigarh gives cash awards for winners at the national school games, and the all-India university tournaments, as well as in state and national tournaments. These range from INR 3,500 for coming third in Under-14 school games to INR 3 lakh for winning at the national level.

Notable academies & coaching centres

  • LIC Cricket (sector 26 and 32) has Nagesh Gupta, the coach of the Chandigarh women’s team, involved. 
  • Mahajan Cricket Academy, Kishangarh 

Amanjot Kaur’s Story

“Daant to bahut padi hai!” Chandigarh women’s cricket team captain Amanjot Kaur laughs as she remembers all the scoldings she got from her grandmother for spending all her time playing gully cricket at odd hours of the day.

But Aman’s father, a carpenter, was always supportive of his daughter’s passion. On the advice of a state cricketer who saw her play, father and daughter went hunting for an academy where she could practise.

At first, they had no luck. She had to wait months before a coaching camp near her house let her in for a two-month camp, where she played alongside boys. She tried to get into the centre at the Sector 26 school, but all the slots were already full.

Fortunately for her, Chandigarh coaches Nagesh Gupta and Deepinder Chhabra who were at the nets at 26 that day directed her to the centre at Sector 32, where Nagesh sir used to coach. Since then, he’s been her mentor as she’s grown from strength to strength.

She has played at junior age-groups for Punjab, and now that Chandigarh has its own team, she leads the senior team at the age of just 20. She’s also played U19 and U23 Challengers tournaments, and come back with plenty of learning about the right mindset.

In the 2020-21 season, Aman made a memorable hundred against Maharashtra in difficult circumstances. The team coach, Nagesh, has tested positive for COVID before the tournament and the team were without him for a while. The season hadn’t gone too well for them. Aman, who began the tournament with a duck, went on to make two fifties, but the words of her coach were on her mind: If you get out for a duck to a good ball, it’s fine. But if you get in and get settled, you shouldn’t get out easily, you have to play a long innings. And that’s just what she did!

A student of Khalsa College, Aman is doing her BA as well. Not only is she Chandigarh captain, but it’s also the music on her phone that’s the most popular among the team!

She dreams of playing for India one day. “Of course! Why else would I put all this effort for?!” she laughs. 

If you have information on schools, colleges or academies that support girls cricket in Chandigarh, contact us and we’ll add it to this page!

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