How to join girls cricket in Manipur

Step-by-step advice on pathways, clubs, competitions and coaching for getting into girls cricket and women’s cricket in Manipur.

Female sportspersons in Manipur have made India proud in many Olympic sports. The hundreds of sports clubs in the state mean there’s a strong sporting culture.  

Because of this, however, cricket is not always the first choice of sport for many girls. The infrastructure for women’s cricket is also not on a par with some other sports. 

Yet, like in many other north-east states which have come under the BCCI from 2018, cricket here too is being slowly developed. 

Here’s what a girl who hopes to play cricket can do to join cricket in Manipur. 

Route to the Manipur state women’s team 

There aren’t too many coaching centres for women’s cricket in Manipur. So, it makes sense to start by playing other sports, too. You will still gain the fitness level, strength and mindset that will help you in cricket. 

Then, attend a coaching camp organised by the Manipur Cricket Association (MNCA)

Very often, these coaching camps also serve as selection camps for the various age-group teams. ‘Open trials’, which are like cricket auditions, are held with the selectors watching. 

Manipur has teams for Under-19, Under-23 and senior age groups. 

From the 2020-21 season, there has been an addition to streamline this process and also give players a chance to show what they can do in a match situation: MNCA held the Women T20 Trophy 2020-21. For this, players were divided into three teams. 

In the future, tournaments such as this one can be expected to play a part in selection. 


The Luwangpokpa Cricket Ground in Imphal is the main centre for cricket in the state. 

School and college cricket for women is negligible. 

Notable academies for girls cricket in Manipur

THAU Sports Imphal has coaching for girls and also organises some local tournaments. 

If you have information on schools, colleges or academies that support girls cricket in Manipur, contact us and we’ll add it to this page!

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