Highlights! December 2021 – Race in cricket

Highlights!, the monthly newsletter from the Sports Law & Policy Centre, brings to you the latest developments from the Equal Hue Project and recent law and policy updates on women’s sport.

The Social Justice & Nation Building Project Report (“SJN Report”) called on Cricket South Africa (“CSA”) to accelerate the development of women’s cricket in the country. The SJN Report indicated the low revenue being generated from women’s cricket and how men’s cricket was essentially funding women’s cricket in South Africa. The SJN Report also talked about the unfair discrimination against players based on their race. 


In this article, Hajira Maryam talks about the growth of women’s cricket in Pakistan over the years and the various roadblocks faced by women in Pakistan who want to play professional sport. The article also sheds light on the steps being taken by the Pakistan Cricket Board (“PCB”) to provide a proper structure to women’s cricket in the country.


The Professional Cricketers’ Association (“PCA”), which represents professional players in England and Wales, released a ‘white paper’ on the need for a more equitable approach to women’s cricket. The PCA carried out surveys and identified key issues that need to be addressed to grow and promote women’s cricket. The white paper also lays down measures that can be taken to grow women’s sport and bridge the gender equity gap.


This article sheds light on how the lack of adequate support and opportunities to female motor sports drivers, when compared to their male counterparts, has made motor sport predominantly a male sport. The article also asserts that Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (“FIA”), the world governing body for motor sport, must take meaningful steps to increase women’s participation in competitive motor sport.


Jay Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (“BCCI”), in his chat with Hindustan Times, answered questions on gender disparity in Indian cricket. He elaborated on the measures being taken by the BCCI to bring in gender parity in the sport and promote women’s cricket in the country, including working towards structuring and launching a women’s IPL.

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