An illustration of a girl with her cricket kit around her, including cricket bat, cricket ball, pads, gloves and helmet.

How to choose the best cricket kit for girls: FAQs

A full cricket kit for girls helps them stay safe while playing the sport. Here’s a guide on the basic cricket bat, ball, gloves, protection and other equipment girls will need to go from playing cricket for fun to playing at a serious level.  

If you’ve played terrace cricket or gully cricket, you know that all you need to have fun is a bat and a small ball. Plastic bat or old wooden bat, plastic ball or tennis ball or tennis ball covered in tape, it doesn’t matter. 

But if you want to play cricket at a serious level, you need special clothing and equipment. Some of this is to help you play better, some of it is to protect you. 

A cricket kit is a bag that comprises all this equipment you need. So what goes into a basic cricket kit? Is a cricket kit expensive? And what is compulsory and what is optional? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is in a full cricket kit for girls? 

Virat Kohli, the India men’s captain, carried 11 bats and 12 pairs of gloves in his cricket kit for IPL 2020 🤯 But if you’re just starting out, don’t worry, you don’t need that many! 

Based on whether you’re batting or bowling or wicketkeeping, some of the items in your bag may change. But here are the very basics you will find in every kit bag: 

  • Helmet 
  • Bat 
  • Batting gloves 
  • Pair of leg pads
  • Thigh pad 
  • Abdominal guard (yes, even for women) 
  • Armguard
  • Balls 

As you play more cricket, you may end up adding some of these items to your bag: 

  • Inner gloves
  • Bat grips 
  • Grip cone 
  • Chestguard 
  • Spikes shoes and extra spikes
  • Different kinds of balls
  • Cones 

And then there are the items that are more about convenience and common sense than special to cricket. 

  • Water
  • Towel 
  • Wristbands and bandana to keep the sweat off
  • Cap 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Notebook
  • Sanitary products 

Snacks are not essential, but always welcome. And don’t forget your lucky handkerchief!  

Pro tip: Some of this equipment is different if you are a left-hander, so make sure you shop accordingly. 

Extra: Here’s an easy guide on how to buy a bat.

What about cricket clothes? 

The dress worn to play cricket is called ‘cricket whites’. This is essentially just a pair of loose white trousers and a white T-shirt. 

If you practise with an academy or if you want to try out for the state team, you’ll need cricket whites. 

Sadly, there aren’t too many places in India selling clothes in girls’ sizes, so you may have to make do with clothes sold as ‘for boys’ or ‘unisex’ and put up with a bad fit. Yes, it’s annoying 😠 

And yes, it is going to get dirty and messy. If it’s any solace, you won’t be the first girl to worry about staining it. 

If you have friends and family abroad, in England or Australia, you can maybe ask them to send you girls clothes and kit from there. Former England batter Lydia Greenway has a business that specialises in girls’ and women’s cricket clothing, while the Australian players have come together to help their clothing partner make jerseys in girls’ sizes. 

Do I need special shoes? 

When you start playing cricket at a serious level, some special sports shoes will help. Start off with shoes with studs, and then move on to those with spikes

Often, cricketers carry shoes with and without spikes, to suit various needs and surfaces. 

Watch former India pace bowler Snehal Pradhan explain the various kinds of cricket shoes available and when you might need them.  

This seems like a lot. I don’t know if my parents can afford it all.   

Many girls share your concern. 

Unfortunately cricket equipment can be very expensive. A basic kit will cost you at least around INR 2500, which is not a small amount.   

But don’t let it be the reason you don’t try at all. When you’re starting out, you don’t need all of this equipment. Many academies let you borrow stuff and give you a uniform. Start off with a simple bat and plan to get your own gear once you move to playing from a soft tennis ball to a leather ball. 

Your seniors might also be giving away some of their equipment, so ask them for it. As you start getting better, some equipment companies also might be happy to sponsor you.  

At what stage should I have my own full cricket kit? 

This depends partly on your personal preference and partly on your academy. Some academies may insist after you pick up the basics that you own your own kit. 

As you go up through the ranks, you’ll start filling up your kit with what works for you. For example, here’s Snehal Pradhan explaining the special items she includes as a fast bowler. 

I want to buy the best cricket kit. Which should I buy? 

We can’t offer you suggestions, but we will say this: While starting out, don’t worry about having the best bat or the best gloves that money can buy. As you grow and work on your skills, your cricketing needs will change too. It may take a few tries before you find the perfect equipment that feels just right and suits your style. It’s not about what is the best gear, but what is the best gear for you.