Equal Hue Cricket

On International Women’s Day 2022, the Equal Hue team is launching the Equal Hue Cricket initiative.

What is Equal Hue Cricket?

Equal Hue Cricket is a research-backed and community-led initiative that charts a pathway for girls in cricket. It is aimed at creating pathways for aspiring female cricketers from across the country, enabling them to:

✅ STAY IN and
✅ SUCCEED in the sport.

All this, while leaving a tangible impact on our country’s socio-economic fabric.

What are the main programmes under Equal Hue Cricket?

Equal Hue Cricket is launching with a three-pronged plan to ENGAGE, ENABLE AND ENHANCE. The three programmes associated with these objectives are:


  • Nationwide Under-16 T20 tournaments
  • 12 cities
  • 4 teams per city
  • Talent scouts to shortlist 3 players from each city for skills assessment camp
  • Top 12 to be part of professional excellence programme


  • Scholarships for those aged 16-23
  • For three years
  • 32 beneficiaries per year
  • Need-based grants to cover training, equipment, nutrition, physiotherapy, travel, counselling, wellness
  • Annual assessment


  • Exclusive centre of excellence for female cricketers
  • Housed at the Padukone Dravid Center of Sports Excellence, Bangalore
  • Year-round monitoring and mentorship
  • 4 courses in a year of 14 days each
  • 24 athletes per batch

Our charter

  1. Initiate grassroots development by popularising the sport among girls.
  2. Increase competitive game-time for aspiring cricketers.
  3. Provide need-based financial assistance to talented cricketers, allowing them to train full time, as professionals.
  4. Create an ecosystem of coaches, sports science experts, support staff and mentors for the overall development of female
    cricketers in India.
  5. Empower women by helping athletes build their own identity through their pursuit of sporting excellence