Convince parents to let you play cricket: How to go about it

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Before thinking about how to play cricket without family support, work at first to convince parents to let you play the sport.

You may be crazy about cricket, want to make a career in cricket and also dream of playing for India but your parents might not immediately support you. 

Don’t be disheartened and think about how to become a cricketer without parents’ support. First, think of how best you can convince your parents to let you follow your passion.  

Your parents might have some legitimate concerns. They might think that cricket is a big struggle, and they want other options for you. So, it is important that talk to them, understand their concerns and try to find solutions. 

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For instance, they may want you to focus on your education and of course, they are right: education is important.  

Show them that you can balance cricket with studies. Make time for your homework, prepare a schedule with their input and follow them.  

If they are worried about your safety, show them that you and your coach have anticipated any potential issues and are taking the best precautions. Your coach or seniors can play a big part in helping put their minds at ease. 

Because cricket is an expensive sport, some parents may be hesitant to have their children continue and it is fair enough. Try to be realistic about what gear you can and cannot have.

At the same time, reach out to experts every few months and also, get an assessment of where you stand and how good you are. Experts can tell you how far you might go. 

Social biases are the trickiest thing to change. If your parents won’t let you play cricket for social reasons, then you, unfortunately, may need some patience.

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You, however, should keep working at them and show them instances of girls who have succeeded and try to get seniors or coaches to speak to them. You’ll find some such stories on these pages. Hopefully, they will see what makes you happy and come on board. 

Good luck!  

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